The Yoga Wheel offers trainings and apprenticeship since 2008. 


Somatic Presencing Training 

                         APPRENTICESHIP (108 HR +)

This training is ideal for practitioners who work in the field of psychotherapy and seek the development of somatic awareness within oneself and with clients.


 – Mindfulness/Awareness Training – Clarity and Gentleness.

– Authenticity and Autonomy- Agency.

– Mind-Body connection – Going onto Being.

– Stability before Mobility- This verses’ That.

– Somatic Touch- Transparency.



                                    APPRENTICESHIP ( 210 HR +)


– The art of holding space during extreme states of consciousness. 

–  Buddhist Psychology and Yogic principles as a way to attend  the body/mind.

– Trauma and Body.

– Somatic touch.

– Ethics and Politics.

"In this practice it’s not important that we have experience.
We have to have no experience at all.”
- Gioia Irwin


Three full weekends and one Thursday in a week, over four weeks.


– What is Biotensegity and how it works.

– Experiential Anatomy and Developmental Movement Patterning.

– How to open the Energy Gates of the Body.

 – Movement as Meditation.



I have worked with Lidija in a teacher-training program at Langara College where she was initially one of the lead trainers, as well as in post-graduate setting. It is a joy and honor to learn from her. This practice is especially in alignment with my interests in energy re-balancing and the healing arts. Delivered in a meditative manner, the work is subtle and focused. The intricate core work offered transfers easily to my own work of authentic, creative expression as a musician and teacher.

Joyce Mah

Pianist, Soprano, Performance Coach, Yoga Teacher.

Free links

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(the file created by Alix Rodrigues)

DO Fulford, Twig Unbent Excercises

Disclaimer: The practices we offer are not meant to be medical services. If any of these offerings may be questionable for your health or well-being, please consult your medical practitioner.

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