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The issue lingers in the tissue.

Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy (CST)

I am trained in Level 1 Biodynamic CST with Todd Jackson, Portland, Oregon.

Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy ( CST) is a form of a body treatment where the client remains fully clothed on a massage table. Biodynamic CST attends to the quantum energy present in our bodies from conception until 3 days after death. 

There is no force used in the treatment. As a therapist, I am meeting and attending to the motion present within this quantum energy referred to as the fluid body. The unerring potency of the life force, in Biodynamic field called Breath of Life, similar to what in Yoga is known as Prana, allows the communion of cells to synchronize the layers and balance the body systems, particularly the Nervous System, where the stress and trauma impact is initially being impressed.7This synergy (Greek συνεργία) that naturally occurs in the stillness of the Biodynamic practice, creates a necessary environment for repatterining and integration, of what DO A. T. Still refers to below as Health

 First visit is 90 minutes, and involves Cranial treatment, assessment and somatic movement . 

Cost of the first visit is $232.50 payable two business days before the scheduled session.

After the first visit, standard treatment is 60 min, $155. 

Please read our in-person attending and cancelation policy, bellow.

To find Health is the object of a practitioner. Anyone can find disease. ~ Andrew Taylor Still

One-on-One Embodied Movement and Yoga

This is mindfully  guided, empirical movement,  based on Neurocellular patterns that have formed during our development; Firstly  from one cell to the full developed embryo and later fetus. Secondly, after birth all the movement patterns  up to the standing, two legged walking human.

Moving is involving 4 things: intention (where), attention (presence), Initiating (what), and sequencing (path).


Increased body-mind connection.

Expanding diaphragmatic and yogic breathing.

Repairing body’s Bio-Tensegrity through deep myofascial network.

Accessing core strength. 

Relief from muscle tension and joint discomfort. 


Nervous system balancing.

Greater movement abilities.

Efficient response to stress.

Psycho-somatic integration. 


 Price: $155

60 min plus 30 min ( free) meditation; total 90 min.

Group of 10 sessions  -1,450 (145/90 min)



Bonny Bainbridge Cohen, one of my teachers, here, talks about three spacial awareness in the body.

*all prices include additional 5% GST


No Refund, Exchange or Transfer of sessions.My working hours are Mon-Fri 9-4 p.m. 

If you are coming in-person for a session, I do require that you do not come if you have any symptoms.


 Please note that a minimum of 2 business days  ( 48 hr, Monday to Friday), is required in writing, via e-mail, for changing or cancellation appointment, otherwise the full amount will be charged. 

The cause of missing an appointment is of no consequence. If you give me less than 48 hours notice, and I succeed in finding someone to take your appointment, your fee will be waived. This policy is not punitive; it is to cushion me from the vicissitudes of your life.

We are accustomed to the idea of IQ – measuring the intelligence of the brain. We are becoming more accustomed to EQ – the idea of emotional intelligence. What is needed is a map of the territory of KQ - kinaesthetic intelligence, the intelligence of the body in motion. ~ Thomas Myers

Disclaimer: The practices we offer are not meant to be medical services. If any of these offerings may be questionable for your health or well-being, please consult your medical practitioner.

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