Integration practice

Can you imagine a world without certainty?
The wind rises, the wind falls.

– Mary Oliver

Integration work helps us to embody our experience after a mind-opening event such as a long meditation retreat, plant medicine journey or post psychedelic* or entheogen** use. 

In my counselling approach, my practice of attention is informed by trauma and designed for those who are seeking to bring the insights from their experiences back to everyday connections and activities.

*The term “Psychedelic” is derived from the Ancient Greek words psychē (ψυχή, “soul”) and dēloun (δηλοῦν, “to make visible, to reveal”), translating to “mind-manifesting”.
**Entheogen- first used in the 1970s, coming  from Greek, literally meaning ‘becoming divine within’; coined by an informal committee studying the inebriants of Shamans.

Price: $140/hr + 5% tax

Times negotiated individually.

"I AM” is a spiritual statement of our responsibility to manifest our particular quantum of the spirit within the resistant medium of our earthly lives. It may be wrong to copy or to pretend, yet the pressures to do so are great. To free ourselves from the depressing compulsion to be "good", we need strength and courage to seek our truth.

~ Andrew Feldmár

Disclaimer: This Integration practice should not be construed as advocating for the use of psychedelic substances outside of the context of legally sanctioned environments and with appropriate supervision. Lidija do not assume any responsibility for any physical, psychological, legal or any other consequences from the use of these substances.

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